Maestro RO/RO

The RO/RO fleet of the Maestro Group consists of 2 sister vessels. The vessels’ low consumption and size are ideal in today’s market environment where fuel efficiency is a must. The commercial operations are handled by our office in Copenhagen.

  • Very low consumption
  • Efficient handling with fast turn-around in ports
  • Excellently maintained

Our Owned Ro/Ro Fleet

NameLane/mDraft m sswDecks, Ramps, ElevatorsExt. DoorsLOA/BEAMBuiltNationalityManagement
Maestro SunView2,1716.654/3/11 aft 1 qtr160.50/23.001986Marshall IslandsOwned
Maestro UniverseView2,1716.654/3/11 aft 1 qtr160.50/23.001986Marshall IslandsOwned


Maestro Chartering A/S

Hummeltoftevej 49
DK-2830 Virum

Switchboard: +45 7089 0190